What is HD from the Right?

Human design is from the left and for the left.

This system was first taught to people with Pluto in Leo, Pluto in Virgo, so called boomers. Generation that was practical, methodical, materially oriented and very literal. My generation is Pluto in Scorpio. We are two, three generations younger than those first teachers. Scorpio is no longer interested in being taught what, but rather into how's and why's.

Material vs mystical

And if Pluto is the truth, how come all of our truths seem to be the same? Why are we allowing ourselves to get conditioned through this process of de-conditioning?

We can respect their ways, but we don't have to condition ourselves into being the same. On top of that, there is so much uniqueness to each one of us, as you all know.

This is how HD begun, but it's not how it should continue to be. Ra himself said, that HD will evolve after his death. It's time to let go of the old. Look at the nodes, current ones and past ones. They are showing you the movie, and the new one has begun. With 27/3 we were shown that we must leave the traditional ways behind, otherwise the mutation is blocked. Now we are being shown something new, and that new can cause huge crisis, because it's not something we have known before. It's time we stop resisting this.

We need the left to follow this system, to follow this step by step guide. Ra had to come up with S&A for them, in order to focus them on their journeys.

Right doesn't need manuals, doesn't need s&a, sensing is our greatest gift. But left needs to let us do this our way. As long as the left is on the throne, not willing to share it, we are all pushed to live their correctness. And Human design is exactly that. It's correctness in being left.

If you don't realize this on time, regardless of your 7 years and your certificates and you being in Ra's aura for a minute, 2027 will come as a shock. The Right future will come as a shock.

This is a channeled system, and there is no need to call it science. Why is science so overrated anyways? Channeled systems are dependent on testimonials. There is no evidence here, there are no scientific testings proving anything here. So nobody can tell you that your truth is not the truth. Live your own truth. Dare to step out of the herd and find yourself.

4% of 4% is not a competition about who has been following s&a for how long. It's about awareness. If you are an aware passenger, you see. And some will need manual to tell them how, and others won't. That's the beauty of it.

Don't be blinded by what the others are looking at.

"Look and you will see!"


My ways

Receptive readings

Ra said ''HD is a visual science''. An inner vision analyst can see through your bodygraph, read between the lines and connect the dots, by simply observing and unfocusing.

No S&A

S&A are very simple and basic concepts. Listening to a 2h long S&A monologue is nothing but insulting your intelligence.


Your color doesn't stand on it's own. It's a color of your gate and line. Analysing variables is seeing a story about your intake (digestion), your expression (motivation) etc, rather than just concluding you should place your body on a bunk bed (color 4) and somehow see your purpose from there.

Planetary resonance

Are you resonating to yourself or to others? Which definition are you supposed to identify with and which should be let go of? Learn how to observe and measure your process, how to mutate, mature and get to express that true outer authority.