Is HD conditioning you?


Commonly heard expressions....


Start with the source. Staying with the source is becoming someone else, rather than yourself. Allow Ra to introduce you to this system, but if you just end up repeating his words to everyone as your own ultimate truth, you are far from where you are supposed to be. Let Ra help you get to your own truth. You are unique! Your perspective is unique, your conceptualising is unique, your expression of it all is unique.


Who we are is an observer sitting above the bodygraph. Observing the definition as something we are here to deal with in this incarnation. HD chart is really like a treasure map, and the X sign is yourself. To get there, you need to deal with different roads and different energies. Definition can turn against us and have even worse effect on our physical, mental and emotional health than openness.


Don't be afraid of these comments, they only show you how little experience the user has with their own experiment. Definition is anchored and often very fixed and limited. Openness is where we learn, openness is what we are here for. You can't get to who you are by taking shortcuts and learning nothing on your way. Conditioning is necessary, experiencing what we are not designed to experience is necessary in order to be able to recognize what truly belongs to us.


If you are Left oriented, yes, by all means. Strategy helps you focus on your process. If you are right oriented, please ignore this nonsense. S&A were not given by the voice. They are concepts Ra came up with years after he started teaching HD. He was a brilliant man, but he was a left oriented man, and he himslef has reapeated on many occasions that rightness can not be fully comprehended at all, and he can only see it through his own lense of leftness. Right is not opposite left, it's something totally different.


Have you ever thought deeper about this one? Which certificates are we talking about here? LYD and ABC? Most probably. Do you know what they contain? Basic info you can find anywhere. Books you can find in any Facebook group for free. In the same way grades don't measure intelligence, certificates for sure don't measure skills or awareness.


If i think of about how many times i've heard this one, even got messaged these exact words once instead of a 'hello.'' You would think Ra was a real social butterfly, wouldn't you? They didn't know Ra. They attended his classes, they saw him around, they lived on Ibiza etc. How does this measure their skill again? If you take a class from someone, you are not that person and this can't in any way affect your brain, that is intake and memory capacity in a long run, the moment you are out of his aura, you are no longer Ra. If you think meeting Ra is the most valuable thing about you, the best argument you have of your validity, than i'm sorry to say, but you have a long way to go in order to get to yourself.