''Start with the source, stay with yourself''

'''Left is obssesed with controling life, Right is fucked up with being obssesed at controling life, because that's not what they are for.

The mind is to be liberated from the mudane delusion of being in charge of it's life and that one can have the power to stand alone; to see the world the way it is correct for you to see regardless of the way how everybody else sees it.

This is an enormous gift, not simply for the awakening of right tonal awareness, but the awakening of all of us to a new age.

We are entering into a new age!''

Ra Uru Hu


Under the surface analysis

Because our profile is not who we are, but a possible result of a correct intake and expression of conceptualized information, where our type is our goal. Our definition is our potential nature, but more often it's what makes us anchored and limited.

Before we are able to recognize and resonate to the surface information correctly, there are so many little things underneath that need to be aligned first, and we can learn how to observe them and measure their correctness using this magical tool, our Mind, that makes us this unique species that we are.