Lara Jo

*Born at the end of the 1990 on a little island in the Adriatic sea

*Became a vegetarian around the age of 5

*First time i was asked what i wanted to be when i grow up, I said Prime minister

*Was introduced to the world of occult knowledge at the age of 10

*I collected angel cards, books, figurines and did readings for my dog

*That same year i developed a huge interest in astronomy. I read a lot of books then which i could barely understand

*During my teenage years, my parent introduced me to Astrology. These books seemed way easier to understand.

*Started college, and often skipped classes to attend astrology school. Eventually gave up on Fashion and dedicated all of my time to studying the Universe.

*Around the same time i bumped into HD. I wasn't ready for it, so i let it be. It seemed complex.

*After college i tried living a boring, homogenized, career oriented human life. It didn't work.

*Right after my Saturn return kicked in i had a little mystical experience, but i didn't think much of it.

*I moved countries several times in that period, only to go back home.

*A few months later after experimenting with some other alternative disciplines there it was....


It waited for me back there where i left it all those years ago. Back in my home town. And this time i was in.

''Above the Fear, Above the Ego, Above the Mind''

My bodygraph points

  • Alpha projector
  • Growth through conflict
  • Stimulated by seeing limitations

  • Accumulating resources for the benefit of others

  • Bringing a new style onto an old substance

  • Individual knowing that has no value unless shared with others in order to be devoured alive or bring on a mutation

  • Moved by desire

  • Out of reach

  • Occult knowledge as a foundation

  • Here to recognize the talents of others

  • Separatist motivated by the unknown

  • Seeing anomalies in patterns

  • Reading between the lines

  • Storyteller

  • Heretical intake, conceptualising through experimentation, driven by investigations
  • RAX of Contagion
  • Quarter of mutation
  • Almost absolute resonance to my own conceptualising and experience
  • Sensing
  • 3 totally open centers
  • 0 2nd lines
  • 0 lines colored by innocence