What is binary consciousness..

9/26/20233 min read


Human design is a binary system, and everything we observe in it, we observe as such. Binary is something made up of two parts that relate to each other. In that way we see double planets, we see gates and lines with their double expression (detriment and exaltation), we see left and right, this and that. We see it in everything except for authority.

Outer authority is a correct expression of the mind, so called Personality, and what we relate to that, what we believe to be it's binary is for some reason based on center hierarchy. So whichever one of the centers you have defined is the ''strongest'' we call it your inner authority, even when it's conscious definition. This never made sense to me, so i tried looking at it logically. If Suns/ Earths are 70% of what we are, or better said of what we should be, then why give authority to a planet that has a minor effect? How can form principle be experienced and heard through a conscious channel?

Its in your Suns and Earths. Outer authority is in personality, so logically inner authority will be on the opposite side, related to it. Your actual inner authority is in your design sun/earth variable, specifically in your tone. This variable is called Determination, and what determination means is, it's a process of establishing something firmly, or just simply put, decision making. When we call this variable digestion, people get confused and make it only about food.

If we told people Tonal cognition is the place of their inner authority, Human design would never sell, as this is not something we have an easy access to, it's not something we have conscious access to.

The triangle shape of the Tone is the same size as the bodygraph, so as you can see in the image, it's something that hugs the entire chart, it hugs this entire way to yourself, and you should stop looking for yourself among those paths, because you are not going to find you there. You are above it.

Centers and profiles are what sells, because they are easy, and as humans, we love confirmation biases. Defined centers are consistent, they are easy to recognize and resonate to. The stronger the center is, the easier it is for us to identify with it, but this is not who we are. The chart is just what we are here to deal with in this life.

When we can accept our nodal environments, regardless of how unpleasant their themes are, only than can we be recognized and seen for what we actually are, for our design sun/earth. Design is how the other sees us, so based on these placements you can see where your recognition comes from. And not only for projectors. We all need recognition, we are all social beings that depend on the other.

To put it simply, if you can accept your environment, only then can you recognize the correct other that sees you for who you are, and if you make decisions from your Tone, if you let your Form do it's job of determining this becomes a unified, in flow, form consciousness. This then leads to correct expression on your personality side, which is about us seeing the world. So, in nodes, you see your purpose, and in sun/earth you see what your correct expression does to the other.

There are 3 main authorities. Splenic, Mental and Emotional. And there are 2 variations of each. If we are talking about timing, then tones 1 and 2 work in the moment, tones 3 and 4 work over all the time and tones 5 and 6 work in a wave.

However, 1, 2 and 3 are still strategic and left oriented and will be the ones that are more careful in their decision making process, more analytical, more aware of the cause and effect. Tones 4, 5 and 6 are going to orient you towards the right side which will make you receptive, not rooted in logic, but rather in sensing, which is something that is still not understood in the world.

We can divide them even further and say that the tones of Splenic binary are rigid, tones that are a part of Ajna binary are energetic, and tones in SP binary are sensitive.