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9/26/20233 min read

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Design side is unconscious, it's what happens to us, Personality is conscious, it's what we do to the other. Design is what other sees, not what we see, not what we can or can't ''resonate'' to. It's a tunnel, with a little light at the end. And that light is our expression, it's the correct expression we need to find our way to, while walking this path that we can't see. Therefore, the lessons that the Right can teach us all is to trust the body, to be here and now, to be led by life in order to get to that expression, some naturally, some with a help of strategies.

Motivation is our correct expression, it's what we do to the world, it's where we see the world. Now, we can see it for what it is, or we can see what we are being shown. The left needs this strategy, because it's mind can not ''hear'' the body, it' mind is not in the now, it just wants to move, it wants to push the process, so in order to have a chance of getting to that place where it can notice the body at all, it needs the strategy, and every one of the strategies will involve some patience.

''Motivation is for the other'', i don't know how many times i've heard this one, but also how it never meant anything at all, because it never came with an explanation. It always just ended there.

What does that actually mean? Color is where we can see how dependant we are on the other. How, unless every one of your planets resonates to your mind or your nodes, you can never experience some parts of your being unless you are with the other. That other, with their Color (motivation) will resonate to some of your planets and therefore shine the light on parts of you that you would never get to by yourself.

So your color is flashlight with which you shine the light on those resonances in the other being. If your mind is color 1, Fear motivation, you shine that light on insecurities or trigger learning in the other in all the planets that they will have colored by 1. Your trajectory on the other hand is the ULTIMATE pull. It's what you do to others in your correctness. It's the true outer authority. Not who you are, but what your correct expression does to the world.

''We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. ''

Mahatma Gandhi



Right vs Left



It's not you who needs to live in a community or alone, it's what your correct expression does to others. If you are left, your expression will bring others together, and if you are Right, it will pull others out of groups.


Anti Theist- Theist

Forget about God and religion. If you are left, your correct expression makes others place everything in the hands of higher power, makes them trust the process, have hope. If you are Right oriented, what you expression does to others is that it makes them uncertain about believes, it pulls them into knowing or not kind of state, ''if i don't know, i can't believe''.


Follower- Leader

The one most identified with, ''well, i'm a leader what to do...'', You are not, it's what you pull out in others. If you are left, you pull out this hunger in others, this passion and drive to go and do things, to be active about the given theme. If you are Right oriented, instead of leading, your expression makes others feel the pull to follow a way of their bodies, to receive from and to follow life.



If you are left oriented, your correct expression makes others master things, focus on one thing that needs that mastering. If you are right oriented, others around you will feel no need for having this focus, having an agenda, they will want to be more ''open minded'' or without mind, more accepting, more receptive and still.



You are not there to be conditioned or conditioner, this is what your correct expression pulls out in others. If you are left oriented, others around you will feel driven to change, to seduce the other, to get involved and make an impact. If you are Right oriented, in your correctness, others will feel like they don't have to become something, like they can just be in this for the experience, continuous learning through conditioning.



Being motivation innocence, doesn't mean you need to make innocent decisions and accept everything that comes your way. If you are Left oriented, your correct expression makes others come up with a strategy of being an observer, of seeing life, observing what has happened and what is to come. If you are Right oriented, others feel from your expression that they can just be, be one, regardless of who's seeing them, they can accept oneness.