4/29/20245 min read

I consider myself a low-level kindergarten human designist and therefore, I am still allowed to play in my kindergarten box. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to take full advantage of all the perks that are given to us little uncertified ones and play and do some fun exploration of the rational sort.

Human design concepts of s&a given to us as something we can experiment with, and through it prove the validity of this system, work entirely as the Barnum effect.

If you've never heard of Barnum effect, here is what Wikipedia says..

"The Barnum effect, also called the Forer effect or, less commonly, the Barnum–Forer effect, is a common psychological phenomenon whereby individuals give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically to them, yet which are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people. This effect can provide a partial explanation for the widespread acceptance of some paranormal beliefs and practices, such as astrology, fortune telling, aura reading, and some types of personality tests."

What it is, is a fallacy of personal validation, a very common, seductive, homogenising, brain washing sales pitch that makes your neurones sad and alone.

Unlike those who have already reached the advanced levels of frontal lobe damaged correctness in human design, I have the luxury of being allowed to think, of allowing myself to use that one tool that makes me different than your average tulip. I can embrace that tool which you are so afraid of and explore the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity. There's something magical about approaching life with a kindergarteners mind, unburdened by the weight of expectations and rules.

So, if you'll indulge me, let's embark on a journey of playful exploration. Let's dive into the depths of our imagination, unafraid to challenge the status quo and question the established beliefs. It's in these moments of exploration that we often stumble upon new insights and breakthroughs that can reshape our understanding of the world.

Being a "little uncertified one" has its perks. We have the freedom to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from them without the pressure of conforming to a predetermined set of rules. It's like having a blank canvas to paint our own masterpiece, without the fear of judgment or criticism.

So, let's make the most of this privilege. Let's push the boundaries of this limiting knowledge and challenge the limitations that the cult imposes on us. Let's celebrate the joy of exploration and embrace the uncertainty that comes with it.

Human design tells all of us why there is a reason we are not happy, satisfied or successful. And ofc, this is where we hook in, because that is exactly what all of us what out of this incarnating experience. It tells us why it is that we are not able to get what we want. It's because we didn't inform or didn't wait long enough.

We are all limited in manifestation because we are missing one important ingredient, and Mr Krakower knows exactly what that is for you!

It's absolutely free of charge, and so easy and practical! But soon enough, you will be informed that it's not enough, you will have to continue following this mind numbing concept for numerous 7 year cycles until the death has invited you to join it in another dimension. Formally, or informally...makes you wonder how manifestors can ever die correctly.

I have met enough hd "manifestors" to know that them informing me of their action or not, doesn't change my feelings towards their action, or themselves. If it's annoying, it's annoying, if it's interesting, it's interesting, and no amount of warning upfront will affect my feelings towards them or their planned activity.

It's simple. Place us somewhere in between the two extremes and we will resonate, always.

S&A can't ever be properly tested out in a human being. If you told me, the reason I am not successful is because it only happens through recognition and invitation, my weak and easily influenced mind will of course from that moment on focus only on finding such experiences in the past, or keeping my eyes on them for all of the future events. You gave me something to focus on, something to cling on to, something to hope for.

I have seen way to many people who after a while found out their birth time was wrong, or who went into sidereal HD. They adapted every time. It always resonated. And even if it really didn't, they convinced themselves. Because there is always an answer. If you have a thyroid problem and an open throat, the open throat is to blame! If you have a thyroid problem and a defined throat, that defined throat is to blame! It's very convenient and it works every time!

If you were a generator, who found resonance to descriptions of that particular aura type, and suddenly found you are actually a manifestor, there is no one happier than you. It feels like a relief. Because every other type seems easier and more attractive after years of waiting, wasting your life on nothingness, spending your days in fear of being judged for initiating even the slightest action, if you have not been assigned the rank that allows you to do just that.

It's all one big psychological manipulation for traumatized people. There is no way of proving HD through science. The collection of charts gave us some kinds of statistics on definition, but how does that prove type? It doesn't. At all.

"Aura types cover up the mechanics." ~Zeno Dickinson

Because awareness is only possible through separation. We already think we are the quantum, the body and the mind. We refer to both of them as "I". "I have a headache". "I" can never have such thing. It can never have anything. It just is. The body may be dealing with a headache. That can happen.

Aura types are a mask and a very detrimental one, because by generalising and grouping all the people who have a sacral center defined in that one group to which you will say they need to burn all their energy out during the day and go to bed exhausted. What you are doing to them is you are gambling with their health. Consciously defined sacrals can turn out to have all undefined centers in the body. The body is therefore not carrying any fertile energy. Advising such beings to exhaust themselves on daily basis will soon take a toll on them.

And as you often like to say to me, i'd like to say the same to you... Go back to the source!

S&A and Aura type are not the source, they are strategic marketing tricks added onto what Human design actually once was. You have accepted Human design to be something that never came from the Voice, something that was never a part of the revelation. This is not Human design, this is a different system that as you often say to me, shouldn't use the words Human design to describe it self.