Eat according to your Tone

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6/11/20244 min read

I read Ra daily and very often I struggle with retaining what I just read, I get distracted by him distracting me from the subject, I get frustrated when he informs of introducing a certain new juicy topic and than strays away as far as possible from it and never mentions it again.

As many other "righties" I also didn't believe I had such an enormous memory capacity, until I started paying attention. I would be in the middle of a chore or an activity when a sudden insight would strike me. I just remembered something! And at the same time, I remembered what I had read in the past didn't make sense.

This is how my design works. I'm a slave to my receptivity. That's all. All of these things I share in the HD community are not mine, they are just insights. And those are here to be shared, as per Ra.

And while others are "homesick for a place that doesn't exist" or whatever that Facebook cover quote always says...while they dream of being Arcturian and Pleiaden and what not, I really love Earth. I love this experience and for me, now, this life is the best gift I was ever given.

So, when I heard that my favourite planet actually officially got a flag, I was so happy.

This happened almost 10 years ago and barely anyone has heard about it.

7 is a number of our continents, sins, dwarfs, layers of hell... but it's also a number of Tones. Tones are a frequency, as many other things, but what makes tones different is that in correctness they tune every aspect of your chart and create a beautiful symphony. And this symphony , this sound is the Ultimate.

I called them a tuning fork in one of my previous posts and I really like that name.

You can be the program, you can be the planets . You can be a b**** if you have Mercury in the gate 18. But what you can also be is different, is yourself. And you do that by tuning the frequency of that Mercury correctly. By filtering it through your uniqueness. Do you speak Mercury or do you speak Mercury that went through your unique filtering? That's how you get to differentiation.

Anyways, suddenly out of nowhere I thought of the Earth's flag and I remembered the 7. And I saw the pattern.

There was an original story in the beginning. Our tone tells us how we correctly filter the original story. How we make it unique to us. Tone is the architect, the designer or your incarnation experience.

I'm currently working on a comprehensive guide to Tones, so I don't want to share all the details about my findings just yet. It all needs to cook a bit longer.

For now, we will look at how Tones relate to our eating styles. And remember, your mind may have preferences, but your body doesn't necessarily agree with those. If you have embraced the color intake theory as your ultimate truth, this may be triggering. Even thought Ra also gave eating advice according to Tones, as you can find in Tones audios.

Tone 1 "Concentrated" "Splenic"

Continuing the Pattern, it sticks with what is familiar, what is safe and healthy, what had worked in the past, not only for the self, but for other generations. Grandma's cuisine. Lives to eat.

Tone 2 "Concentrated" "Splenic"

Discriminates the existing pattern. It continues it, but it leaves space for new things. It's perfecting the old ways. Seeing the flaws in the pattern and perfecting it. Adding spices, different ingredients.

Tone 3 "Periodic" "Mental"

Nourishing the exterior. Do you look healthy? Planning, meal prepping, calculating, achieving goals, eating styles that have a goal, which can be anything, from weight loss/gain, body building, money saving, etc. Interested in more than survival. Going through phases.

Tone 4 "Periodic" "Mental"

Nourishing the interior. Do you feel healthy? Eating based on a feeling. Warming up with food when cold, cooling down with food when hot. Going through phases, implementing ideas, trying new approaches, always seeking balance. Feels amazing after eating correctly. Balancing emotions through food. Often times after eating unhealthy, there is an urge to fix it with healthy foods.

Tone 5 "Cyclical" "Emotional"

Recognizes the pattern and seeks more. It's not anymore interested in what are the known and secure ways of eating. Often times doesn't care for healthy eating. Seeks new feelings, new tastes. Experimental, eats when hungry, no planning involved. If food doesn't bring pleasure, it doesn't really care for it.

Tone 6 "Cyclical" "Emotional"

Eats to live. No agendas and no importance is being put on food. Finds no pleasure in eating. It eats to survive, but food is not a priority. It's aware of the pattern and everyone's involvement with the pattern. In correctness, food doesn't represent anything special to them. "Looking away from it."

Before you ask....

Sun/Earth Design side Tone.