TONES 1.5h €199

This 1.5h lesson in Tones by Lara Jo offers everything you need to know about this magical inner frequency. The course is suitable for beginners and those already familiar with substructure. You will learn how to locate tones in your human design chart, what role tones play in differentiation, example interpretation of each individual Tone. You will also find out about what tones have to do with awareness centers and trigrams of the i-ching. And more.

To purchase, please contact me via email or FB Lara Jo, and I will provide you with my bank information. Direct bank transfers only.

Once the payment has been received, you will be emailed the course link within 24h.

Clarity 1,5h €299

This is the most important message I have ever delivered. I have decided to put it behind a pay wall because it's not for everyone. I was designed to share my insights as they can at certain points, to certain people bring a necessary mutation. Still, they're not for all. They're for those who were designed to receive it.

I have shared enough public free info and as expected, they have been received in various ways. I don't want this message polluted with all kinds of opinions, so if it's for you, you will have to contact me first. The morning of 15.6. was a very special morning for me. I finally got the clarity, the key to it all. One missing piece that was lacking to fully unlock the understanding of this knowledge. One simple piece of information that has been in front of all of us this entire time. Suddenly you see how it all works and what it's all about...the awakening, the strategy and authority, 4% out of 4% etc.

You will never be able to read one Ra's quote in the same way again. You will have the ability to understand him rather than memorize him. Unfortunately, a lot of us chose to throw our minds down the toilet and are therefore unable to see the pure logic. And some will chose wrong, some will listen to it and still won't hear a thing. My job here is only the delivery. Seeing and understanding is on you. If it's for you it will reach you in it's fullness, and if not... It's a good lesson in acceptance .

To purchase, contact me via email or facebook. You will receive the link within 24h after the transfer.